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At Eco Home Solutions, we understand the importance of backup power for homes in Lenoir City, TN. The region frequently experiences power outages due to severe weather conditions. A reliable home generator provides assurance and keeps your home safe during emergencies. Our skilled technicians offer generator installations tailored to your specific requirements and budget.
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The Importance of Backup Power in Lenoir City

In Lenoir City, TN, a dependable backup power system is essential. It ensures the safety of homes and families during emergencies. Severe weather conditions often lead to power outages. That's why home generators and battery backups are increasingly necessary. At Eco Home Solutions, we assist in selecting and installing the ideal backup power solution. Whether you require portable, standby, or whole-home systems, we have options that suit your requirements and budget.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Home Generator

Selecting a home generator in Lenoir City, TN, involves considering several crucial factors. It's essential to collaborate with reputable HVAC companies like Eco Home Solutions and Pioneer Heating. They can provide valuable guidance to help you make the best decision.

Determining Your Power Requirements

Firstly, it's essential to determine your power needs. Different home appliances consume different wattages. For example, air conditioners typically use 500 to 2,000 watts, while microwaves use 600 to 1,500 watts. We can assist you in accurately determining your specific power requirements.

Noise Levels and Emission Standards

The noise level and emissions of a generator are crucial considerations for many homeowners. Excessive noise can be bothersome for both you and your neighbors. Additionally, generators need to meet specific eco-friendly standards. We can assist you in finding a quiet and environmentally friendly generator.

Installation and Maintenance Costs

Consider the setup and maintenance costs of your generator. The total expense depends on the unit's size and installation complexities. Portable generators are generally more budget-friendly, while solar power systems tend to be on the higher end. Regular maintenance is essential for ensuring your generator operates efficiently.

Fuel Type: Gasoline, Propane, or Natural Gas

Additionally, consider the type of fuel your generator will use. Generac generators, for instance, can run on natural gas from an existing line, which is quite convenient. Gasoline, propane, and natural gas are all excellent options for home backup generators. Each option varies in terms of accessibility and environmental impact.

Expert Generator Installation and Maintenance Services in Lenoir City

At Eco Home Solutions, we specialize in generator installation and maintenance in Lenoir City, TN. We ensure that your home or business remains powered even during outages. Our team stays updated through ongoing training. Our installation process includes site preparation and electrical connections, and we conduct comprehensive testing to ensure everything functions smoothly. Additionally, we offer regular maintenance, including oil and fuel checks, filter replacements, and electrical testing, to keep your generator in top condition.
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A/C made loud buzzing sound. Stopped cooling, shut off unit. Called ECO heating and air. I was told Justin would come out, keep in mind it's now after 4pm. Justin arrived right at the specified time. Diagnosed the problem, identified the necessary fix and made it happen. From my initial call to saying goodbye my experience was outstanding.
Dean Carter
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From the first call to schedule an appointment to the moment the inspection was completed, this company was courteous and professional. Brandon was my technician, he was awesome. He took the time to answer all of my questions and gave me a complete review with photos of the condition of my HVAC system. I was so impressed I signed up for the annual maintenance agreement on the spot. If you are looking for a reliable AC Company, your search is over.
Bill Kirby
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GREAT service. Timely and thorough. Gary Made sure i understood everything that was being done, showed me before and after the work he did and explained what he did in a way that made perfect sense. Glad I’m a customer of theirs and feel like you couldn’t get a better, more honest company.
Pat L.
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Home generators are essential for uninterrupted power, just as seamless plumbing is crucial for any home. Whether it's plumbing fixtures, traditional water heaters, on-demand tankless versions, or any other plumbing endeavor, we've got you covered. Reach out to us for immediate appointments, complimentary cost estimates, and to explore the solutions we offer. We stay abreast of the newest trends in plumbing technology and advancements, ensuring you harness all potential benefits.

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